Product Features

Minimise the risks.

Investing in company cars should pay off eventually. Therefore vehicle maintenance, telemetrics, driver and speed management as well as safety management are most important.

NamTrack provides the means of driver, vehicle and trip profiling, and thus can help you to reduce your transportation and staff costs and improve efficiency and productivity. 

Talk to us!

When it comes to your business, you are the professional.

We have thought a lot about what features should be monitored - but there is always room for improvement. We are always open for special solutions, so if you have any suggestions, or ideas, or proposals, please do not hesitate to tell us!

How are my goods treated?

Your products are your livelihood. Sending them through town, or the country, always means risking deprivation and/or irreversable damage.

NamTrack shows you the route of the truck. The vibrations, shocks and stops. You can see if there have been jolts or a change of temperature. To the split second. Thus you can keep record about the whereabouts and the condition of the goods. 

What has happened?

Accidents normally result from human error.

The question is: whose error was it? With the help of NamTrack this question can be answered with absolute certainty. The recorded data is accredited as a piece of evidence by every insurance company as well as in court.

Simplify your life.

In business, keeping record is inconvenient but crucial.

Instead of drudgingly writing down every driven kilometer, you could let NamTrack do this job. This function comes along with the Driver management, as you always need the name of the driver as well.

Who was it?

Having more than one driver per car can make things complicated.

A lot of time and discipline is needed to note down exactly how long which driver has been when and where. But not with NamTrack: with RFID, driver management becomes really easy. Individual key-tags make sure that the driver is identified - and that you will be notified of any unauthorised starting of the vehicle.

Trust is good - but control is better.

If you have company cars, and others than family members who drive them, you must always be aware that these cars might be used in a different way. 

Little shopping tours, for example, or using the car as a taxi over the night or the week-end.

In any case: time is money, and also the fuel prices are not likely to diminish in future. Not to mention the risk of accidents.

With NamTrack you can not only retrace the whereabouts of your vehicle with complete evidence - you also have the possibility to define "Home" or "No-Go" areas and get notified whenever your vehicle enters or leaves such a zone.

Do you know what your car has gone through?

Depending on how a car is treated, its lifespan can be extended as well as shortened. 

Not every damage is obvious - but even little mistakes can have expensive or even fatal consequences.

NamTrack shows how your vehicle has been treated, and thus helps you to prevent accidents and damages that can result from misuse.