Our product line Vehicle Tracking is an effective modular Tracking- and Monitoring-System, designed for all kind of vehicles, driver’s and fleet management, in both offline and realtime mode. Since 2006 it has been developed and tested in Namibia and is therefore the first system that matches exactly the special needs of the Namibian business. We use the free worldwide GPS (Global Positioning System), thus most of the features are free of monthly rates.

The main advantage is cost reduction through less accidents and a more effective utilisation of your fleet.

The modular design of NamTrack permits an individual adaptation to the special customer needs at a reasonable pricing.

We design and produce in Windhoek. This allows most individual solutions and a very close co-operation with our clients. Please feel free to ask at one of our branches in Windhoek or Swakopmund for any information.


NamTrack Explorer is a GPS logger. Every second it is recording a full dataset, and thus delivers close data to evaluate accidents. With the internal memory of 2 GByte, the data of the last 18 months are retrievable from the unit. This system is working off-line, which means that no monthly costs will arise. The data is downloaded afterwards and can be stored on computer for later evaluation and means of evidence.

The device covers the generally important features like e.g. speed, date and time, position, 3D-accelerations, battery control...


NamTrack Realtime is a sophisticated monitoring system. With its help, you are able to track your vehicles 24/7 via internet and cellphone. You can get immediate information about e.g. realtime speed, position and direction.

We provide the fastest and most reliable internet access to vehicle data by having the server location in Windhoek. Furthermore we use the local ressources effectively. Thus the costs can be held within favourable limits. 

Several options of being notified are at your disposal. There is no contract obligation. 


NamTrack Discovery is a combination of both systems in one single unit, with all the possibilities they offer. With NamTrack Discovery, an accurate documentation of the events is provided by recording a quantity of parameters second by second, ready to be downloaded and stored on computer, plus the possibility to check the basic features like position and speed online in realtime. Additionally you have the possibility to set individual time intervals of data transmission (minimum one second) and to get notified of e.g. overspeeding, rough driving behaviour, low battery or accidents. 

This is the perfect solution for protecting your vehicle against theft and misuse, as well as having a documentary evidence when needed.







The solution for basic 24/7 surveillance

Online information via internet:


SMS alarms:

 All these alarms can be switched on and off via SMS.