Flexibility by adjusting the parameters of the transmitter to your own needs.

Why programming a transmitter?

We know that we will launch a big discussion about the pro and cons of programming a VHF-Transmitter. But in our eyes research projects are too different to be covered by a 'Fixed Parameter Transmitter'. The animal type, the annual life cycle, the surrounding and the varying project parameters call for an adaptive transmitter.

In Wild Life Tracking the aim is to achieve the highest lifetime and the best coverage range in combination with the lowest weight and size. In other words: 'The relationship between power consumption and coverage range at a certain weight and size is highly important.' Our idea was to bring more flexiblity to the researcher in giving the possibility of readjusting these different parameters even after having the transmitter attached on the animal.


Decreasing power during the animal's inactive period, when you do not need high coverage ranges can extend the lifetime a lot. On the other hand you are happy in being able to increase the power and thus the covering range when it comes to intensive movements during the pairing time.

Period Time:

The Period Time is the time between two pings. Reducing this value means transmitting more pings per second, which increases the speed of direction finding. Raising this value means transmitting less pings per second but increasing lifetime.

Ping Time:

The Ping Time is the duration of the transmitting tone. This parameter is highly important to increase lifetime because during radiation, the electronic takes most of the battery energy. The shorter the Ping Time, the less power is taken from the battery and thus the more the lifetime is increased. Actually it depends on the quality of your receiver. Low quality receivers need a signal length of at least 25-30ms to generate a clear tone in the speaker. Good receivers can handle 8-10ms, which increases lifetime up to 3 times.

Monitor Tone:

Checking the box Monitor Tone enables a simulated transmitting tone to test the Period Time.

Tracker Life Time:

Calculates automatically the Life Time of the transmitter in days, weeks, months and years. 

Switch off:

This button switches the transmitter off.

Program Values:

This button programs the selected values to the transmitter and switches it on.

To test our free Programming Software and calculate Transmitter Life Time you can download it here.






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SMS alarms:

 All these alarms can be switched on and off via SMS.