There is a lot of wildlife research in Southern Africa and because we are well known by our vehicle tracking system, many researchers came and pushed us to start doing Wild Life Tracking as well.

The close cooperation with Polytechnic of Namibia and the contact to wildlife foundations like N/a'an ku sê opened many doors and brought a lot of information.

With our D-Series we can offer the most flexible transmitting units worldwide. Parameters like transmitting power, period time or ping time can be programmed easily by the user via our infrared programming pen from a distance of more than 15cm. This can be done easily in the field.

In high frequency technology there is a saying: 'The antenna is the best amplifier.' This is why we have put a lot of effort in the development of our Twin Antenna System. The immediate consequence for direction finding is: Power consumption is reduced which results in expanded lifetime. On the other hand we get a clearly optimised omnidirectional radiation pattern, which results in a improved direction finding and a higher covering range. The Twin Antennas are shorter, thinner and more flexible for a better wearing comfort.



Programming software

With our small and easy programming software the tracker can be switched on and off. Additionally the transmitting power, the period time and the ping time can be programmed individually by the user. The software can run on any PC. With the Monitor Tone you can check the transmitter ping interval before programming it.






The files can not be used for a new installation.

To install NamTrack Explorer for the first time on your computer, please call our installation service (Tel: 081 319 5136).

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